If you’re not familiar with grain bowls, these are arguably one of my favorite meals! A friend used to call them “man bowls” because she said it’s typically of how we like to eat our food – put everything into a bowl and mix it up. Pretty much!

But, it’s actually more than that – it’s a large bowl of grains, veggies, protein and sauce. These bowls are generally higher calorie, so they pack a lot of long lasting energy for the day and for work outs. I especially enjoy these when traveling because they keep me energized and satisfied, not heavy and bloated.

I especially love these bowls because they are easy to prepare with your favorite ingredients.

A lot of people believe that healthier meals are lower-calorie, but that’s not always the case. A fast food burger can have the same amount of calories as a grain bowl – it just matters WHERE the calories are coming from. Always remember the efficiency of healthy food!

Healthy and clean ingredients are processed more efficiently by our bodies so we generally don’t get that heavy and bloated feeling; we actually feel energized after eating! So, all calories are not always equal and high calories doesn’t necessarily mean unhealthy. What’s most important is that your diet is balanced and you’re eating the right portions and amounts for you. Don’t be afraid to make grain bowls your own, and adjust them to your caloric needs.

Lastly, one of the things that make a great grain bowl is the sauce. Here’s a quick sauce recipe for you with a special ingredient that I use frequently in my kitchen – Nutritional Yeast. This condiment is high in vitamin b12, fiber and is packed with protein with each tablespoon. The major benefit in the kitchen, though, is the flavor! It has a “cheesy” flavor but without the calories and dairy. To that end, vegans love it and you’ll soon understand why. It can add a lot of flavor to a dry meal so it’s a great all around condiment to add to your diet.

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