Apple and OpenAI: The Dynamic Duo Set to Supercharge iPhones at WWDC 2024

Apple and OpenAI: The Dynamic Duo Set to Supercharge iPhones at WWDC 2024
Apple and OpenAI: The Dynamic Duo Set to Supercharge iPhones at WWDC 2024

Buckle up, folks! Apple is gearing up to drop an AI bombshell on iPhones at the upcoming WWDC 2024. Picture this: a collaboration between Apple and the AI juggernaut OpenAI. It’s like Batman and Superman teaming up, but for your smartphone.

We’re only three weeks away from Apple’s big developer shindig, and the tech rumor mill is buzzing louder than a caffeinated beehive. According to Bloomberg’s Apple oracle, Mark Gurman, it looks like Apple and OpenAI have finally patched things up and decided to co-create some AI magic for iOS. Apparently, Apple also tried to woo Google for this AI dance, but ended up swiping right on OpenAI. Now, they’re all set to roll out AI features that are bound to make our iPhones smarter (and maybe sassier).

The big news? OpenAI’s tech will be baked right into iOS 18, meaning ChatGPT is moving in with Siri and the gang on the iPhone, including the soon-to-be-released iPhone 16. Siri is first in line for an AI makeover, promising to be more “conversational” – imagine Siri with the wit of a stand-up comedian and the wisdom of a sage.

Expect to see AI doing what it does best: transcribing articles, summarizing voice memos, and editing photos. Sure, Adobe and Google have already played these cards, but Apple’s got a few tricks up its sleeve. For now, we won’t be seeing those fancy “multimodal” AI features – the ones where your phone sees, hears, and practically senses the world like a techy Sherlock Holmes. Apple’s saving those for later, with the help of some heavy-duty M-series chips in their data centers.

But wait, there’s a twist! Apple, the usual rebel in the tech playground, is feeling the heat to keep up with the AI-savvy Joneses. Gurman reveals some Apple execs are biting their nails over this AI partnership, worried that chatbots might spread fibs or cause a ruckus. The plan is for Apple to eventually birth its own chatbot, but until then, it’s OpenAI to the rescue.

Feels like a decade, but it’s been only a year since OpenAI’s ChatGPT hit the iPhone scene. Now, we’re heading towards a future where these chatbots evolve into full-fledged “digital assistants,” potentially nudging Siri out of the spotlight. Google’s already trotting down this path with its Gemini AI on Android, though not all users are thrilled with the switch.

You can already make ChatGPT your sidekick on iOS using Shortcuts, but Apple’s gunning to outshine Google’s Gemini model. Google, at its I/O bash, flaunted AI’s impending takeover of Android, Search, Chrome, and practically everything but the kitchen sink. Apple’s ready to flex its own AI muscles too. The latest iPad Pro with the M4 chip can crank out 38 trillion operations per second (TOPS). That’s some serious on-device AI firepower, though we’re still waiting for apps to fully leverage this speed demon.

Meanwhile, Microsoft’s gearing up for its developer conference, where they’ll likely mention AI so many times, it might as well be called the “AI-Athon.” Qualcomm’s new chips are boasting 45 TOPS, but without a compelling reason for on-device AI, it all feels as futile as a tipsy guy yelling into the void.

In summary, Apple’s AI game is about to get real interesting, potentially hilarious, and maybe a little chaotic – just the way we like it.