Apple TV+ and Home before dark

Apple TV+ and Home before dark
Apple TV+ and Home before dark

Home before dark is a great series with perfect acting from Apple TV+ service. Despite the fact that the genre is drama, I wouldn’t be so categorical. Moreover, the genre is changing from episode to episode. There are elements of comedy, thriller, and very much criminal.

Much could be said that 9 years old girl had never figured it out for herself about many things, but I’d argue with this claim. It’s possible, especially she was mentored everything about journalism by her father, who is a piece of work. In addition, he was teaching her right in practice, unlike typical schools where only theory.

Initially, you can very easily tell who is a positive or negative character. But later everything changes and you start to doubt your conclusions at the beginning of the movie.

I did not finish the first season yet, but I am sure, that this series will not disappoint me. I highly recommend it.

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