Today I visited and noticed that this shortening service launched its social news service

However, according to information from the site (FAQ section) the service is not free. Weekly subscription costs $ 0.99. At the same time, it is immediately reported that you can save 30% by paying an annual subscription for $ 34.99.

However, according to information from the site (section FAQ) service is not for free. Weekly subscription is $0,99. It is informed at the same time, that possible to save 30% by paying annual subscription for $34,99.

How much does cost?
A subscription to costs $ 0.99 a week. (If you’re not shy about commitments, you can save more than 30% by buying an annual subscription for just $ 34.99.) Next is an explanation for what and why the payment is charged.

The application for the iPad is also available (according to date of the application it is very fresh, from April 21 this year) with the same name (download link).