What do you get when you add dark chocolate and black cacao to traditional banana bread?

Magic. You get pure delicious, decadent magic.

This is one of those recipes that uses a not-so common ingredient – black cacao – but can be easily substituted by adding swapping it with dark chocolate (or regular cacao) powder, but the color will not be as dark. Black cacao is a Dutch-processed cocoa powder that is “washed” with a solution of potassium carbonate in order to neutralize the acidity (or bitterness) of cacao.

Black Banana Bread

Just like my coffee, I like my banana bread black (and decadent). Enjoy my unconventional delicious treat this fall with or without the dark chocolate chips! Share with a friend who’d like this banana bread. Recipe (and a note on black cacao) – https://fitmencook.com/black-banana-bread/Al igual mi cafecito, me gusta que mi pan de banana es puro negro (y riquísimo). Prepara mi version de pan de banana este otoño con o sin trozos de chocolate oscuro! Comparte con un amigo que le gustaría este pan de banana! Receta (y un comentario sobre cacao oscuro) – https://fitmencook.com/black-banana-bread/

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When it’s done this way, the cacao is pretty mellow in flavor, NOT bitter at all and is very black, like onyx. If you know people that avoid dark chocolate because of its bitterness, black cacao – even though it’s darker – may be more pleasing. When you use it in baking recipes, it should be used as an “accent,” not a 1-for-1 swap for cacao or chocolate powder.

It’s not a common product in most grocery stores, but you can find it online. Find it, order it and try something new!

PRO-TIP: to better help with portion control, make these into muffins instead!

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