Bumble supports neo-Nazism?

Bumble supports neo-Nazism?
Bumble supports neo-Nazism?

History does not teach people

9 May is a Victory Day​ — holiday that commemorates the surrender of Nazi Germany in 1945. It was first inaugurated in the 15​ republics of the Soviet Union, following the signing of the German Instrument of Surrender after midnight, on 9 May Moscow Time. The USSR government announced the victory early on 9 May after the signing ceremony in Berlin.​

It was a celebration for all humanity. Because if Soviet troops had lost, then Hitler would have continued genocide in African and Asian direction. Nevertheless, USSR turned the tide of war. After that, we won nazism together with allies.

But time has passed, and things have changed. Unfortunately, history does not teach people. Nowadays we are already witnessing neo-Nazist groups and associations around the world. And over there not only certain nationalities, as it was in Nazi Germany and Japan. Other races have also created this kind of association and groups. And every community believes that only their race or nationality deserves to live.

How does the government respond to neo-Nazism? It depends on the country. In Russia, everything about nazism and fascism is strictly prohibited and illegal. I agree with it. In the USA people become hostage to their Constitution and the government can’t forbid this type of organization, communities, and activities.

I was surprised, but in Taiwan also have neo-Nazism and neo-fascism association (12) which idolize Adolf Hitler and glorifies Nazi ideas. Frankly, it is a weird and even ridiculous sight when 22 yo girl, who watched the war only in action movies and never know what is genocide, officially opened this kind of organization in Taiwan and talked that people don’t understand what is Nazism and in reality, Nazism is goodness.

Luckily, this organization didn’t find a response in local people’s hearts. The organization opened in 2006. At the beginning of 2007 over there were more than 1400 members but at the end of the year only around 20. This means, Taiwanese people know and understand what is Nazism and there nothing good.

But sometimes kids or individuals screw up. While living here I am seeing these kinds of things like Hitler toys, , and Nazi cosplay from time to time. However Israel and Russian Representative Offices every time strongly condemn this kind of thing and the Taiwanese government very quickly reacts to resolve the situation. Last time President Tsai Ing-wen even had to apologize on TV about the Nazi cosplay mentioned above. In addition, she declared that schools must teach better about world history and also called for compassion about other people’s loss. Somebody from school management got fired.

Back to front

Wait. I forgot where I was going with that. So far from the title… Oh yeah! Anyhow, I was using the Bumble dating app. You must admit, we can meet sick in the head anywhere. Especially online — where everybody is a superhero. 

Bumble works the same way as Tinder — you can chat only if you both match. After the events of 2020 (BLM), I started to get rude messages from some Taiwanese girls. It’s very silly because they swiped me right only to write something offensive with the word “white”, in other words, all these messages were racist. I was putting them in their place when I was saying I’m Russian, not American. They even apologized.

But anyway it is extremely not normal behavior. I reported to Bumble. But always got notifications that they warned do not to do it again. That is all. Luckily, I didn’t get a lot of these kinds of sick girls.

But recently I got a match with a girl who wrote in her profile something very weird. I admit I didn’t notice that initially, before swipe her right. I told her about it, but she was to be rude and started to teach me what is Nazism meaning with links to dictionaries.

It doesn’t matter what exactly she has written in her profile and what exactly she told me. More importantly, is how Bumble reacted to this.

After that conversation, I made screenshots, reported to Bumble and explained everything, including that I’m Russian Jewish, and went to the gym. After the gym, I discovered Bumble blocked me. Without any notifications. So, in other words, Bumble blocked me because I reported about an Asian girl who wrote in her profile that she’s Nazist.

Apple corporation cares about the law in other countries and even warn about Nazi symbolism:

No Nazi symbolism restricted by the Strafgesetzbuch section 86a, if the content is visible in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland. Be aware, if this happens three times (where a photo in these territories is delivered with Nazi imagery), your entire catalog will be suspended in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland for up to six months.

Guidelines for artist images

But employees in Bumble company think they are special, and even can promote Nazism.

It’s a sad spectacle when technology, art, music, sport, literature, and even dating apps are becoming a political tool. Here progress stops. We are seeing such kinds of examples like Apple and Google. They are even shamelessly copying each other’s operating systems. Before that, usually, Google did it for Android. We all know to profit and popularity dropped of Disney and NBA because instead make and show what we love, they became politicized. I even don’t wanna talk about medium companies.

Politics is for politicians because politics is dirty work. But technology, sport, music, art, movie, and so on, should continue their mission which they had initially — make all people happy and make our life more comfortable. Otherwise, it is will be too late when they understood no coming back from that because they will be too dirty.