There are times in life when your woes can only be cured with a slice of fluffy bread, and you shouldn't be deprived of that joy just because you're trying to maintain a healthy diet. Bread is a highly accessible food wherever you go; you can get your hands on a sandwich or avocado toast at any given time, and there's an entire aisle of the grocery store dedicated to bread. But it can be difficult to sift through all the choices and figure out which is best.

These are the main characteristics you want to look out for when you're bread shopping:

  • 110 calories or less per serving
  • Two or more grams of fiber
  • Three or more grams of protein
  • Four grams or less of sugar
  • Zero grams of saturated fat

These selections meet all of those criteria — and they taste so delicious, it'll make your head spin.

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