An app on the App Store blocks any links to the App Store. Nonsense? No, if we talk about Chinese app. Even though Apple treats this developer very well. Not many developers have the title of their app in the App Store, but Weibo does.

Weibo uses the App Store to promote their micro-blog (actually it’s just clone of Twitter), but blocks any links to the App Store. Ridiculous. Isn’t it? You can see it below and first of all, I’ll show you links to random websites.

As you have seen, all websites open as they should open. Now let’s see how the links to applications and games on the App Store open.

Just a blank page. Nothing more. But the next video will prove that Weibo intentionally blocks any links leading to the App Store. I created a page on my blog and posted some random links to apps and games on the App Store.  They do not work if you click them on Weibo, despite the fact that they are on a third-party website.

But the links to any other websites posted on my blog open perfectly.

It’s hard to understand why some people treat other people like that. I mean, when someone treat you well, then why are you trying to trick?

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