A few weeks ago, my friends at Hilton invited me to check out their Homewood Suites property in Frisco, TX and create a meal or two using the amenities and kitchen utensils in one of the suites.

Beyond the fact that the room was pretty spacious and the kitchen pretty much had everything except an oven, I was MOST impressed with the free grocery service!

I’ve never been to a hotel – or anywhere for that matter – where you can hand your grocery list to the front desk and they shop for you while you work or you enjoy your vacation. It was pretty dope to say the least!

Loaded Chipotle Chili Sweet Potato

Cold weather, meet my chipotle chili! Today’s #FridayFun is a quick chili I made in Homewood Suites! One of the BEST things about my experience – the FREE grocery service. Drop off your grocery list, and they’ll shop for you for free. Recipe -https://fitmencook.com/chipotle-chili/ Share with a friend that could go for this! Boom. (traduccion abajo) #bringit #partnerClima frío, te presento a mi plato de chili chipotle! Caliente y picante y dulce con la batata. La “risa” de este viernes es mi plato sencillo de chili que preparé en Homewood Suites. Uno de los servicios más chevere es el servicio de compras de comestibles gratuito. Solo da tu lista de compras a los empleados, y ellos irán de compras los alimentos. Receta – https://fitmencook.com/chipotle-chili/ Comparte con un amigo que le gustaría este plato! Bum.

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Here’s the first recipe in my 2-part series with Homewood Suites.

What I love about this chili recipe…

With the fall season tapping on our windows, colder weather is right around the corner. There’s nothing more that I enjoy than a bowl of chili because it reminds me of home. As a Texan, I don’t add beans to my chili…however, I have found my own way to spice it up and add flavor, all while keeping it calorie conscious.

Also, chili is a very inexpensive and easy meal to prepare when you’re away from your own kitchen. You essentially just put everything in a pot, add a hint of “this and that” and you’ve got yourself a darn good masterpiece without breaking the bank.

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