Companies care about LGBT?

Companies care about LGBT and BLM?
Companies care about LGBT and BLM?

It’s interesting to watch when corporations adjust to the agenda. When the month of LGBT then most of the companies in LinkedIn repaint their logo in rainbow colors. In 2020 a lot of companies repainted their logo to the black color. But whether or not they care about these people?

Let’s dive into history. For example, this is Volkswagen’s logo right before Second World War. Why? Because of money. Nazism was on-trend, and they were using it for income.

Volkswagen's logo right before Second World War

And they weren’t the only ones. Please, pay attention to the includes 50 corporations. This list includes only some of the corporations and their productions during World War II and that is documented to have profited from participation in the Holocaust. Most of these companies still operate to this day.

Thus, it can be concluded, that all current tags, logo repaint in different colors, and other ostentatious support various group of people, is exactly the same hypocrisy and desire to be on-trend for profit.

If somebody whats to help someone, then he/she just helps.

Who wants PR and self-promotion, will scream it out loud how good and kind he/she is.