Coffee has not only positive factors affecting the human body, but also negative ones. We can talk about both of these factors for a long time. But we are curious when we should drink coffee — before workout or after workout.

For an athlete, it is important that coffee not only gives energy and improves performance, but also that it helps burn fat and reduces muscle pain after training.

I will focus on burning fat. It doesn’t mean if you are eating burgers with pizza and cookies and drinking coffee with cakes you will look like from the cover of a fitness magazine. Coffee can only be like a supplement when you are on diet and active in sports. I even made a special weight loss application for that. But we are becoming distracted from the coffee topic.

Coffee before workout

It is logical that if coffee gives cheerfulness, it is better to drink it before training. Yes, this is exactly what happens after coffee with most of people. The fact is that vigor is partly associated with a slight increase in pressure and an increase in heart rate. But I know people whose pressure rises so high that they even feel bad during training. In such a situation, it’s rather difficult to talk about continuing the training.

Drink coffee before workout or after workout?

Coffee after workout

At the same time, I personally know people who drink coffee to sleep. It affects them in the opposite way — their pressure is dropping after coffee. That is, coffee for them is like sleeping pills. They drink it and go to sleep.

So when to drink coffee?

Thus, coffee should be drunk based on individual specific features of your organism. If the pressure does not rise much, you can safely drink coffee before training. It gives good cheerfulness in training. And if it rises highly  after coffee, it is better, of course, not to drink before workout, and indeed on the training day. Well, if you pressure’s dropping, then it’s clear that after training, if you want to take a nap.

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