Strapped for time? No worries! Wrap a bunch of food up in foil and you’ve got yourself a delicious foil meal with very little effort.

I know firsthand that when the fall season rolls around that enthusiasm for healthy eating tends to decline until the top of the year. Not only is it the season of comfort food, but also we find ourselves with less time. We are more social, opting to spend time with family and friends. And with all that is going on, our diet and healthy routine can easily take a backseat. We find ourselves, Lazy AF = lazy and fit. 😉

Our diets don’t have to suffer though! Foil meals are pretty much no-fuss meals. Plus, you have minimal clean up at the end of prepping the food – no pots, pans or skillets needed! Lastly, these are easily customizable for the individual or a family. Prep the main ingredients, then customize each foil meal according to food preferences, then toss it on the grill or in the oven.

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