Every person is capable of doing acts of kindness. How many good deeds can you do in one day? 5, 10 or maybe even 50? The more good each one of us does, the better and more pleasant our world will become.


Need examples of good deeds?

  1. Call relatives or friends who you haven’t been in touch for some time. Signs of attention always lighten up the mood.
  2. Give up a seat to a pregnant woman while in public transport.
  3. Help a senior cross a road.
  4. Feed a homeless animal.
  5. Do not throw away old clothes. Rather give it to organization that helps poor people.
  6. Throw garbage in a proper place, not at random.
  7. Wish a good day to a shopkeeper or simply smile at a stranger on the street. The more smiles surround us, the brighter and colorful our world becomes.

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