When I decided to make a Mac version and for my game Mama’s farm: Match 3, I ran into a problem. The thing is that in the existing version for iPhone and iPad have embedded Google AdMob, which are not supported with Mac Catalyst (as well as in macOS). In other words, Google AdMob works on iPhone and iPad, but doesn’t work on Mac.

The official responses from Google about this situation are such that maybe they will implement support Mac Catalyst, or perhaps not, but even this’s not exactly accurate:

Google AdMob for Mac Catalyst
Google AdMob for macOS

Given how “quickly” they changed the deprecated UIWebView to the new WKWebView, the development speed of the Mobile Ads SDK with the support of Mac Catalyst can be easily calculated using the formula:

MAiM = IHNC – Pi

MAiM = Mobile Ads SDK for iOS and Mac Catalyst
IHNC = I have no clue
Pi = 3.14159

To date, there is no news about the support of Mac Catalyst. I have installed the latest version of Mobile Ads SDK (7.60.0) and it also does not support Mac Catalyst.

I had an idea to switch to another advertising platform. But apparently, it’s not that simple. For example, I couldn’t find information Mac Catalyst is supported by Audience Network Facebook or not. IronSource even doesn’t understand what Mac Catalyst is.

It’s not so important that ad be on my Mac version. I just didn’t want to change the code very much just for the Mac version.

Google AdMob for Mac Catalyst or macOS

Nevertheless, Mac version of my game is ready and available on the App Store. It took some changes which excluded code snippets and conditions under which the advertisement is turned on. Otherwise, app even didn’t start. Anyway, download for free my game on the App Store and enjoy it.