A healthy eating journey relies a lot on preparation. Whether that means having smoothie packs ready to blend for breakfast or preportioning your snacks out for the week, meal prep doesn't just save you time, it also circumvents the urges you can get to either skip a meal or grab something not so healthy.

If your quest to eat healthier involves mastering the meal prep essentials, you'd better learn how long you can freeze your healthy food staples for. Read on for a guide on just how long your food should be in the freezer.

FoodDuration (months)
Turkey/ pork mince3-4 months
Chicken/ turkey pieces9 months
Steak6-12 months
Lean fish (eg. cod, bass)6 months
Fatty fish (eg. salmon, tuna)2-3 months
Yogurt1-2 months
Eggs (raw)1 month
Cottage cheese1 month
Milk3-6 months
Fruit9-12 months
Citrus fruits3 months
Vegetables8-12 months
Soups2-3 months
Rice (cooked)3 months

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