Hardly know where to begin, because the latest update concerns the application itself and how/where to use it.

First of all, it must be said that in this update available process tracking of losing weight. In addition, as you lose weight, follow a diet and use the application, you will open awards and achievements. The User Interface has also been updated.

Weight loss progress and Awards

Many applications available not only on the iPhone/iPad, but also on the Mac. However, if these were paid applications, then you had to buy on iPhone/iPad and Mac (if desired). So, users paid twice.

But Apple does not stand still and makes the ability to use of applications more convenient on their devices. Therefore, recently, developers can add Mac-version of their applications to existing iPhone/iPad bundle. But I think this is only for developers who didn’t have paid Mac-version yet. Because otherwise, the developer should remove existing Mac-version, and then add it to the bundle of the existing version for iPhone/iPad. Therefore, they will lose rating for Mac-version.

My users are lucky because now it’s enough to purchase my application only once, and after that it can be used not only on the iPhone/iPad, but also download on the Mac. Or vice versa. Well, do not forget to use the workout timer on your Apple Watch. Personally, I use it on every workout.

Enjoy: https://apps.apple.com/app/id1423585518

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