Redesigning the VLC Player Icon for macOS Big Sur: A Concept

macOS Big Sur icon concept for VLC player
macOS Big Sur icon concept for VLC player

With the release of macOS Big Sur, Apple introduced a new era of icon design for Mac, captivating developers and Mac users alike. While opinions varied, I personally embraced the change wholeheartedly. One prominent improvement was the adoption of a consistent shape for all icons. Frankly, the previous icons seemed disjointed and unappealing, each sporting a different shape and size. However, thanks to the new Human Interface Guidelines, developers who swiftly updated their icons, including myself, witnessed a remarkable transformation. I was eager to join this visual evolution and promptly set out to redesign my own icons, hoping that others would follow suit.

However, I observed that not all developers were in a hurry to adopt the new design guidelines. Recognizing the opportunity to contribute, I decided to channel my creativity and leisure time into conceptualizing macOS Big Sur icons for popular applications. The first on my list was the VLC player. I must emphasize that this concept represents my personal vision for the VLC player icon and is not an official implementation.

macOS Big Sur icon concept for VLC player

In envisioning the VLC player icon for macOS Big Sur, I sought to strike a balance between elegance and functionality. Drawing inspiration from the clean, minimalist aesthetic of Big Sur, I embraced the unified shape while infusing it with VLC’s brand identity. The iconic traffic cone, synonymous with VLC player, forms the foundation of the design, seamlessly blending with the overall Big Sur icon style.

To maintain visual harmony with other Big Sur icons, I carefully selected a color palette that complements the system’s native tones. Subtle gradients and shadows add depth and dimension, breathing life into the icon. The focus was on creating an icon that would be visually striking and instantly recognizable, evoking a sense of familiarity among VLC users while seamlessly integrating with the macOS Big Sur ecosystem.

By sharing my concept with the community, I aspire to inspire fellow developers and encourage the embrace of the new macOS Big Sur design principles. Together, we can shape a cohesive and visually pleasing user experience for Mac users worldwide.

While this concept represents my interpretation of a VLC player icon for macOS Big Sur, I hope it sparks a dialogue and motivates other talented designers and developers to contribute their unique visions to the evolving landscape of Mac iconography.

Remember, design is an ever-evolving process, and as the macOS ecosystem evolves, so too will our icons. Let us embrace this opportunity for creative expression and collectively craft a future where form and function unite seamlessly on our beloved Macs.