Russian companies take 75% commission! Where is Pavel Durov?

Russian companies take the commission 75%! Where is Pavel Durov?
Russian companies take the commission 75%! Where is Pavel Durov?

Latent Apple’s fan

Initially, it was even interesting when Pavel Durov was criticized Apple and Google. Especially Apple. Later everyone is used to read and hear that. Currently even boring to listen when he whines how everything bad in Apple. And now I understand that all his criticism is very subjective and prejudiced

In the Russian IT industry, everything is much worse. But Pavel is silent. I even created a video about Yandex, where is a remarkable achievement in 2020 year is the selling of tomatoes and watermelon… Where are you, Pavel Durov? Why you talk nothing about problems in our country?


It was even funny to watch at the circus he was in. Initially, he was kinda opposition, was criticizing Russia, and never wanted to come back. The USA was an amazing country and stronghold on freedom for him. He was gonna create his cryptocurrency TON. But the USA rejected this project.

After that, his viewpoints are changed to the opposite. Now, the USA is the worse country in the world, it’s evil. But Russia is the best country in the world. Maybe everything was planned initially? If you have your own money (TON) in a certain country then you can influence the economics of this country.

Huge commission

Pavel Durov was criticizing Apple and Google because of their 25-30% commission for developers. He was claiming that these companies do not let startups grow. I agree with him. But how about companies in Russia? I’ll show you on example — ebook market leader in Russia. In other words, it’s an electronic book monopolist in Russia. Let see what kind of benefits this company is offering to the authors.

Russian companies take the commission 75%! Where is Pavel Durov?

Interesting. “Royalty is up to 70%”. In other words, they can give you less. I Signed Up to see what inside.

Russian companies take the commission 75%! Where is Pavel Durov?

Holy Moly! Well, they offer you 3 options. The first one — you are eligible to give your books only for free. Copyrights don’t belong to you. The second option — you will get only 25% from every sale. In the third one — 35%. Excuse me. Where is 70% or at least 50-60%? Well, Litres didn’t cheat because they warned: “royalty is up to 70%”.

Meanwhile, Apple and Google royalty is much higher, conditions are better and more benefits. Google and Apple gives 70% royalties on every book, regardless of price.

Apple royalties
Google royalties

That’s why I have already and will have in the future more books in English. And I highly recommend proceeding the same for Russian authors.

But anyway, I am curious, why Pavel Durov says nothing about this kind of thing? Too busy for the next interview how bad everything in Apple? Isn’t this kind of behaviour (such as Litres) destroying young authors?