Pleasant bonus for my users of my app healthy lifestyle app: Stickers for iMessage, Telegram and Line messengers. I’ll add more and more new stickers in the future.


iMessage stickers: Healthy Effective Weight Loss

If you already have my app then just go and update it.


Telegram stickers: Healthy Effective Weight Loss

I know, on preview above Telegram stickers looks not clean. But trust me, it’s just preview. They look good in chat.


Line stickers: Healthy Effective Weight Loss

Line stickers are very popular in Asia, because Line messenger is pretty famous is Asia. But for Line creators can add 8, 16, 24, 32 or 40 stickers. That’s why in this Line pack 8 stickers, not 9 as for Telegram or iMessage.

I prefer to chat in iMessage recently. It’s really fun. Can drag and drop stickers to the messages or another stickers. I also very like to send my messages with effects.  Sometimes looks crazy messy funny.

iMessage crazy
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