I don’t say this often, but I’m pretty in love with this recipe. It’s about the same love I have for dope kicks – I can’t get enough, so I acquire (eat) more than I should! Only thing with this recipe – there’s really no downside!

I came up with this recipe because if you’ve watched my videos, I tend to sweat a lot. I’ve joked before that if I had a superpower, it would likely be sweating and I’d “sweat” my opponents to death. Lol But in all seriousness, after a workout, I feel pretty depleted and dehydrated, even though I drink a lot of liquids during the day. To help me recover faster, I started eating a small fruit salad after a workout and right before my post-workout meal.

What I love about this salad…

Most people reach for a sports drink to recover after a workout – there’s nothing wrong with that btw – but few remember that it is possible to “eat” your way back to hydration as well. Fresh fruits and vegetables are filled with water as well as vitamins and minerals to aid the body in the recovery process. Additionally, the added salt actually encourages greater water consumption so you end up rehydrating much faster.

ULTIMATE Fruit Salad – Hydration

And then there was this… Ever craved something sweet, spicy & salty?! Try my ultimate fruit salad – it’s BANGIN after a workout with some Greek yogurt. Eat your way to feeling hydrated and rejuvenated! Share this idea with a friend to make for the #SuperBowl this weekend. Recipe – https://fitmencook.com/fruit-salad/Has tenido antojos de algo dulce, picante y salado? DEBES preparar mi ensalada de fruta – es RIQUISIMO comer después de entrenar con yogur griego! Comparte esta receta con un amigo para hacer este finde para el #superbowl. Receta – https://fitmencook.com/fruit-salad/

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But don’t just enjoy this salad after sweating it out! Pull out this recipe on a warm days or when you just need a treat, without the guilt. **Remember to customize with YOUR favorite fruits.**

And don’t let this fruit go to waste – FREEZE it if you’re not going to eat it and use it for smoothies!

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