A pizza that’s low-carb AND high in protein? With the crust made of savory, lean chicken breast, guarantee this will be love at first bite.

It’s pretty much a fail-proof recipe that you can easily make your own. Just don’t get TOO carried away with the cheese, and…well, I’ll leave the “only eat 1 serving” sermon to y’all. I failed…but had no regrets.

World's Best Low-Carb Chicken Crust Pizza

Guilt-free pizza is here – low-carb and high protein! With only 3g carbs per serving, this chicken-crust pizza can't lose! Share this idea with a friend that likes pizza! Recipe – https://fitmencook.com/low-carb-pizzaAquí está pizza deliciosa libre de culpa! Baja en carbos y alta en proteína! Esta pizza con base de pollo solo tiene 3g de carbohidratos! Riquísima y sencilla! Receta – https://fitmencook.com/low-carb-pizza

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