Our bodies take a beating during workouts. Muscles fatigue, and they can break down if you go from one to another without adequate recovery. While stretching after exercising is better than nothing, there's a new trend we're seeing in the fitness world that we wholeheartedly welcome. Recovery-focused classes and treatments are all the rage now — and for good reason. These classes allow individuals to work on restoring and repairing muscle to avoid injury or overuse. It also allows the body and mind to slow down, which is a nice way to balance out high-intensity workouts.

"People are starting to make wellness and self-care more of a priority and that starts with listening to your body and what it needs," Charlee Atkins, Master SoulCycle Instructor, CSCS, and founder of Le Stretch tells POPSUGAR. "This makes the class not only a healing experience but also a learning one, [where students] can ultimately learn how to incorporate these recovery methods into their daily routines." Between the Normatec compression device, yoga therapy, lacrosse balls, foam rolling seminars, and more, there are plenty of recovery class options to choose from. Here are 10 amazing benefits to trying one of these classes and consistently incorporating them into your routine.

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