If you're a natural when it comes to HIIT training, all the power to you — it's a great workout that gets your heart rate up and your muscles stronger. Still, no matter how much you love doing box jumps and burpees, you need to give your muscles and joints some downtime to rest and recover.

If you don't, you could increase your chances of an injury or chronic fatigue, which means you might be sidelined from those rigorous activities you love. (And that injury could lead to a workout rut where it's challenging to get back that motivation.)

But here's the thing — rest day doesn't need to be sedentary. There are a few activities that don't put pressure on the joints but still offer a good calorie burn, according to Rebecca Gahan, certified personal trainer and owner and founder of [email protected] Fitness in Chicago. So you'll still get a workout, but protect your body and encourage muscle repair and growth at the same time.

If you are looking to exercise without major impact on the joints, try the following exercises.

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