In a galaxy far, far away… A huge Planet isolated itself from other worlds. The Planet is ruled by unreplacable and fabled Fairy-tale.

The Planet has all the necessities for its dwellers to live in prosperity, and for the Planet to flourish.

However all the wealth belongs to Fairy-tale and his friends. And the people do not have rights of vote nor the freedom of speech. However, they enjoy taxes, low salaries and being part of “Planet’s Special Way”.

But the people also have You! They listen to you and you now have a chance to change the course of history. All you need to do is to gather as many people as you can on a protest.

Despite that this protest was approved by the government. The authorities will use all means necessary to prevent people from coming to the protest, such as Guards, Cossacks, Police and Fairy-tale’s troops.

Then there’s more. You will face Vatniks and Propagandists who will try to drain your time and energy.

Hurry! The people have faith in you.

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