Xiaomi became a household goods store?

Xiaomi household goods
Xiaomi household goods

Well, when I went to the South on Chinese New Year vacation then I saw a Xiaomi store in the big department store. I heard a lot about this company. I expected to see something cool and innovative there.

But I was very surprised and disappointed. Because smartphones, tablets, and laptops were kinda not the main products there. But do you wanna know what? See photos below. Yeah, sunglasses, caps, pillows, glass lunchboxes, kettles, pots, cups, fans, filters, bags, backpacks, luggage, simple screwdrivers, even umbrellas, and toothbrushes. Looks pretty cheap, I should say. And these some electronics are even not smart-home devices. You can see their logo on a photo of goods.

Seriously, maybe I don’t understand something, but I saw a lot of news about the amazing high-technologies of Xiaomi. But actually, I saw very simple household goods. I guess the PR department of Xiaomi works great.

But there nothing innovative. Moreover, Xiaomi doesn’t understand what is brand means. Maybe they think the brand is just a cute logo. And if they sell smartphones and electronics very well, then why don’t make more money and also sell sunglasses, umbrellas, and caps?