Hello stranger. If you are on this page, then you want to know me a little bit better.

I’m Russian. My name is Roman and surname is Matovsky. Actually this’s not my real surname. I use it as a pseudonym, because my real surname is difficult to pronounce for my foreign friends.

But I didn’t invent it. This surname belongs to my distant ancestor, the Polish Jew. He wore a noble title. He owned a large landed property in Poland with his own restaurant. When Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte went with his troops to the Russian Empire, he visited my great-grandfather’s restaurant. Napoleon was so pleased that gave to my ancestor his own tricorne as a gift.

In the future, both the landed property and the restaurant were looted by troops from other countries. But my ancestor never gave up and migrated into the depths of Europe where he reinstated and increased his financial condition.

Sorry. Too much history. And so, about me.

I’ve always loved math and sports. At school I took part in Mathematical Olympiads. Graduated Military Economic University. At the University I got a Master in Kettlebell sport. Also got the 1st rank in Long-distance running (5 km) and 2nd rank in Long-distance running (3 km). Reserve Guard Lieutenant. I also was working in police after army.

Military Economic University.

Won the 1st place in VII National Scientific Conference of young scientists and students “Youth and economy┬╗. After that I got a PhD.

In spite of the fact that I always loved the numbers, I was more attracted to something more creative. So I had to start on my own about websites development.

Currently I am living and working in Taiwan.

Currently I am living and working in Taiwan

I am the founder of the largest website in the world about Taiwan, as well as a Taiwanese news website in Russian language.

At the moment I’m studying the development of applications for the iPhone and iPad. So soon you will be able to see my first application.

One of my hobby is a bodybuilding. Although you can see it on my photos. I don’t have much desire to participate in competitions. But maybe I can change my mind.

Sometimes I’m starring in TV commercials and TV shows. My last TV commercial is here.

TV commercial