My name is Roman. I’m Russian but currently live and work in Taiwan for long time. Now work as web developer. I am founder of & Readit.Today websites.

I love sport and healthy life-style. By the way, I have Master rank in kettlebelling. Fitness and bodybuilding is my hobby. I’m working out since school. But always was different workouts. As I said above, I like kettlebell. There no need be huge, but quite the opposite. I started curious in bodybuilding 4 years ago, because I wanted to see how my body change, not only physical strength and endurance.

Roman Matovsky transformation

As you can see on my photos — I was skinny (65 kg / 143 lb). By the way, I’m 176 cm (5’8). After that I became a huge (106 kg / 234 lb). I was bulking. But when we bulking then we gain not only muscles. You can see how much fat did I have. And got shredded (81 kg / 179 lb). You even can see my veins. You can see more pics about my transformation from my Instagram.

But I’m not only in sport. As I said above I’m web developer. I have PhD. I got 1st place at scientific conference. And I’m former lieutenant.